When my husband and I were first searching for our home I had a short list of some necessities I couldn’t go without. For starters, I wanted light. I wanted an abundance of light. My husband often jokes that I would be my happiest in a glass house and he isn’t wrong. It was extremely important for me that our home have an abundance of windows, preferably facing both east and west. I also wanted a space that to work in and a working dishwasher was a must. Did that last one make you laugh? I suppose it would make most giggle these days but we had just gone seven years without one and considering I’m a lover of really old homes this could have potentially been a gamble. (I know what you are thinking and yes, that is correct. I want a really old, all-glass house-preferably with the city of Paris on one side and the ocean on the other. A girl can dream) …and then we found her: our home, perfectly located just ten minutes outside of the city in a very Charleston-style neighborhood and a five minute drive to my husband’s office. Built in 2003 she’s definitely not an oldie but she is perfectly balanced with her double porches and all the natural light in the world. (The dishwasher, on the other hand, broke three times in the first two months but that’s a story for later).

So I’m sure many have been wondering: Where have you been? What have you been up to? I haven’t seen you post work in forever? That’s true. It’s very true. I haven’t…so where did I go? I relaxed. I took the move in. I thought about what direction I wanted to go in with my work, with our house, with my studio and office space. There was a lot of thinking and a lot of me changing my mind. There was also some starting over because everyday I learn more and more how Type A I am. There was next to no worry about social media because I wasn’t focused on that and refused to stress about it. I can’t lie-that was nice. I had no sense of urgency and I considered this a time for some serious soul-searching. I photographed a few local families, traveled for a couple engagements and flew out for some newborn sessions-so I was working, but it was definitely less than what I was used to.

Our move was an emotional one. I’ve already shared our story here but I guess I never realized how much time I would need to heal, and for reasons I can’t necessarily explain it just felt better to focus on making our house a home because, regardless of our personal loss, I was determined this house was going to be a beautiful and wonderful place where our love, our style, and my work would all be happily displayed. Like I do with most of my determinations I dived straight in.

So with that I give my office, which also works as my studio-as all of the furniture is easily moved out either set of french doors. This was something else I had to take into consideration: furniture that could both easily work for meeting clients and also easily fit into our living room or entryway, each of which accessible from my office. With all of the photographs I looked through it might have taken me longer than I anticipated to finish this space, to curate my books (a sneak peek into those below) but I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

I wanted this space to be both comfortable and, where one by just walking in, would know my photographic style immediately. I wanted the furniture to be classic and not too busy. I looked back on old Pinterest inspiration for my office and knew immediately the one thing I couldn’t go without was a dusty blue, french settee. I searched everywhere and could never find what I wanted in budget and then one day when rolling into HomeGoods there she was! French. Dusty blue. Velvet. She was nearly identical to the one I had pinned and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. She was my first purchase for the space and was later coupled with a cream, linen daybed with luxurious pillows.

My walls were inspired both by clients and places I hold dear to my heart. Whether it be columns in San Francisco, The Rodin Museum in Paris, back-lit trees of our favorite park in Iowa City or the coast-I love the reminder of the beauty and am inspired regularly by places I have both lived in and traveled to. For my clients on display I focused primarily on the moments. A bride walks hand in hand with her groom, the last kiss of the night at their reception, a natural laugh from a joke whispered in her ear, the way a woman’s hand draped over her face just-so, a quick and striking glance….they all move me. When I look into my books or simply stare up at the walls in this room I am consistently reminded of how this ballerina turned social worker turned nurse found her way back to the arts-where her heart belongs as a documenter of all things love.

Love. It’s a beautiful thing, and with every moment I spend in this space I’m constantly flooded with memories of various love stories. Whether those stories be of a proposal, a wedding, a growing family, a personal win or loss-or even a love affair with a city-they are all beautiful and they all, like your own love story, deserve to be told.