Hi there!

I'm Shannon, an energetic and passionate North Carolina transplant from the heart of the midwest. I'm pictured here with my husband and our three-year-old rescue pup, Odin. Together this is our little family.

I love windblown hair, cobblestone roads, and the sound of waves crashing against the shore. I love the thrill of adventures and the spark in one's eye when they say a loved one's name. I love affection, honesty and uncontrollable laughter. Mostly, I love, love and believe that photographs are the windows to our legacy.

I also believe everyone has a story worth telling-and it would be an honor to tell yours


An award winning and published photographer, Shannon strives for creating beautiful, tangible art for all of her clients. Using both a medium of digital and film, Shannon aims to capture your moments organically with an authentic artistry that evokes emotion.

With a background in nursing, social work and dance-having received professional training from both the the San Francisco Ballet and The Joffrey in Chicago, Shannon is often asked how she ventured into photography. Almost always responding with a smile, she states that she is passionate about a variety of fields but always knew her heart would find it's way back to the arts as this is where it beats strongest.

Shannon strives for being in the moment with her clients and capturing the often forgotten details. Above all she wishes to deliver imagery that is both honest and full of life.  

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